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Church records of Deerfield, Massachusetts.

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David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Onlilne Genealogist

Question:  Recently I was at NEHGS and copied pages from the Vital Records of Deerfield, Massachusetts to the year 1850.  I suppose I should have read the pages more carefully.  I am at a loss as to the abbreviations I have found.  Can you tell me what source in the book that CR2 and CR4 is referring to?


Answer: The abbreviation C.R. generally refers to Church Records as a source in published vital records.  In the Deerfield book you used the following are the abbreviations for the Church Records: C.R.1 = First Congregational Church; C.R. 2 = Second Congregational Church, South Deerfield; C.R. 3 = Monument Church, South Deerfield; and C.R. 4 = Orthodox Congregational Church. 

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