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Ask a Genealogist: Researching a lost town in Massachusetts.

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I am searching for details on the town in Dana, Mass. where Nathan Stewart was born to John and Mary Stewart.  Thank you for your assistance.


Reply from Marie Daly, Senior Genealogist

Thank you for your question to NEHGS ask-a-genealogist regarding the birth of Nathan Stewart, son of John and Mary Stewart in Dana, Massachusetts. Dana is one of the “drowned towns” that were flooded to form the Quabbin Reservoir in 1938. Dana was incorporated in 1800, but it wasn’t until 1803 that the bounds between Dana and Petersham were established. The parent community for Dana was Petersham. In 1911, all of Dana was annexed to Petersham. Petersham also annexed nearby towns of Greenwich and Prescott. So I suggest looking at Petersham records as well as all of Worcester County.

But also, the source of the information was the death record, and these can be very unreliable. The children may have not remembered accurately the names of the parents or even the town of birth. Look around where Nathan was known to have lived. Look for other possible relatives and determine if they came from Dana as well.


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