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Tomb Removal at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Boston

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question: I was wondering what happened to the tombs that were at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in South Boston.  This site does not seem to be located there anymore.


Answer: It would appear from TheBoston Daily Advertiser – Dec. 7, 1863 that the bodies were to be transferred to Mt. Hope Cemetery on Walk Hill St., Roslindale, Mass.


"St. Matthew’s Church Cemetery – Orders were adopted discontinuing the Cemetery under St. Matthew’s Church, Ward 12, and permitting the removal of the remains, providing no objections are made within sixty days.  An order was subsequently adopted authorizing the Trustees of Mount Hope Cemetery to set apart for the use of the church before named, a portion of said Cemetery for the burial of the remains that may be exhumed; also to pay the Trustees of the church $600.  For expenses that may be occurred."


In 1867 an article appears in The Boston Daily Advertiser once again (Feb. 15, 1867) explaining the moved.

".. and a lot of 780 feet on Cypress Avenue has been set apart and used, under an order of the City government of 1864, as a receptacle for the contents of the tombs of the old St. Matthew’s Church, Church, South Boston."


I spoke with the Mount Hope Cemetery and they had no record of the lot initially, however on a map they realize where the spot is.  I would imagine that the names associated with the tomb burials are lost.  But you can feel free to contact the Mount Hope with the name(s) you have in question: 617-635-7361.







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