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Ask a Genealogist: Scottish prisoners and Killecross Ross of Ipswich

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My first relative to New England was known as Killecross Ross, there are many derivations of this name. He was possibly a prisoner taken by Cromwell's army in Scotland (1640-1650) and indentured to Samuel Symonds upon arrival in Ipswich, Massachusetts Bay Colony (before 1652). I am trying to find where he came from in Scotland, when he was born and who his parents were. I am planning a trip to Scotland this spring and would like to preplan where I might find this information. I have subscribed to the Scotland's People website and had no luck finding anything helpful. Where should I concentrate my efforts? Where might I find records of Killecross Ross's birth about 1630-1640 in Scotland? How and where might I find which ship he came to New England on? Where might I find who his parents were? 


Reply from Alice Kane, NEHGS Genealogist

Thank you for your query about Scottish prisoners and Killecross Ross of Ipswich. For your information, you may find the articles "Scots Prisoners and the Relocation to the Colonies, 1650-1654" at  , and "Scots for Sale" at  of interest though they do not list your ancestor specifically. A search through English documentation of Scots prisoners taken and what clans took part in the conflicts, as well as review of records or histories of the identified clans as to who were taken as prisoners will yield possible matches and their parishes to focus on. Most vital registrations are recorded in parish records of the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) since the mid-1500s until 1855 when civil registrations began, however, the overall search for a birth or baptismal registration may be difficult as some old parish registers did not beginning recording vital information in Highland parishes until the early 1800's.
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