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Name Origins: Naphtali/Naphthali

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Julie Helen Otto

Julie Helen Otto
Staff Genealogist

NAPHTALI/NAPHTHALI (m): One of the twelve sons of Jacob; his mother was Bilhah (maid of Jacob’s favorite wife Rachel). (Genesis 30:8).


One New England example is Naphtali Webb (1729–1804) of Scotland and Hanover, Conn., a son of Zebulon and Judith (Hayward/Howard) Webb of Windham and Canterbury, Conn.; he married Mary Mudge (Rev. John Adams Vinton, The Giles Memorial [Boston, 1864], pp. 511, 518).

The name was popular in the Daggett family of Attleborough, Mass., as apparent from that town’s VRs, where as many as seven appear (pp. 90, 659), including: Naphthali Daggett, “slain by a tree,” 6 March 1717/8, no age; Naphthali Daggett, b. 6 Jan. 1724/5, son of Thomas and Sarah (Stanley) Daggett; and two sons of Thomas and Sibble (Stanley) Daggett, b. 18 March 1757 (d. Attleborough 13 July 1769 and 19 Aug. 1771).

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