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This Week's Survey: Multiple Lines of Descent

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Michael J. Leclerc

Michael J. Leclerc
Director of Special Projects

Last week’s survey asked about readers’ research interests in the Mid-Atlantic states. Perhaps unsurprisingly, New York scored the highest, with 75% of respondents having interests there. The District of Columbia came in last, with 8% showing interest there. Full results are:


  • New York, 75%
  • Pennsylvania, 57%
  • New Jersey, 45%
  • Virginia, 40%
  • Maryland, 30%
  • West Virginia, 18%
  • Delaware, 12%
  • No Mid-Atlantic interests, 11%
  • District of Columbia, 8%


This week’s survey asks about the degree of pedigree collapse in your ancestry. Take the survey now!

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