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NEHGS Discovers American Kinships of Prince William's Fiancée

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Kate Middleton’s American Connections include President, General


Boston, MA – November 16, 2010 – Researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) in Boston today announced that Kate Middleton, Prince William’s fiancée, is related to three iconic figures(chart) in American history. Like the Queen Mother and Princess Diana before her, Kate Middleton is a cousin of America’s first president, George Washington. She is an 8th cousin eight times removed to Washington, sharing an ancestor, Sir William Gascoigne, who died in 1487.


Among the future queen’s other American cousins are explorer Meriwether Lewis, a 9th cousin seven times removed, and World War II general George S. Patton, a 13th cousin three times removed. “These connections will give the Royal family deeper associations with American history,” said the Society’s senior research scholar Gary Boyd Roberts. He added, “Their child will be linked to colonial America in New England, the mid-Atlantic, and the South.” Roberts, who specializes in celebrity and Royal genealogy, is the author of several books including Ancestors of American Presidents.


William and Kate are themselves fifteenth cousins through Sir Thomas Fairfax, who died during the reign of Henry VIII. A branch of his family moved to Virginia in the mid-17th century.


Kate Middleton

Maureen Taylor to Speak at NEHGS on The Last Muster

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NEHGS is pleased to welcome guest speaker Maureen Taylor, who will present on her latest publication, The Last Muster.

A remarkable work of documentary history, The Last Muster is a collection of rare nineteenth-century photographic images primarily daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and carte des visite paper photographs of the Revolutionary War generation. This extraordinary collection of images assigns faces to an un-illustrated war and tells the stories of our nation’s founding fathers and mothers, updating and supplementing research last collected and published over a century ago.

In her comprehensive introduction, author Maureen Taylor explains how she came to this project and collected the images. She also describes her exhaustive primary source research involved in dating and identifying each image and investigating the story and genealogy of each subject. The array of seventy images is expansive and includes veterans, loyalists, Native Americans, African Americans, children who witnessed battles and aided soldiers, and women who nursed the wounded and even took up arms themselves. Although the faces that gaze at the reader are old and wizened, the stories they tell are of youthful bravery in the young days of the republic.

About the Speaker: Maureen Taylor is an internationally known expert on photo identification. She travels extensively giving presentations on photo identification, photo preservation, and family history. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and on NBCs Today Show, ABCs The View, and NPR.

Maureen will be at the Society on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. This event is free and open to the public

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