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The Daily Genealogist: A Featured Blog by Sally Mack

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Betlock Lynn

Lynn Betlock

Our latest blog profile features “I Think We’re Related” by Sally Mack. Here Sally introduces her blog:

I have been blogging since 2008, mostly sharing the things I love — photography, writing, lampworking, and building a kayak. But, by far, my most favorite blog is the genealogy blog that I started early in 2011 after my father passed away. I wanted to make sure that all the information that I found on his family would be available to my family and those who are seeking it.

I started researching my father's family seriously in 2000, when the family got together to celebrate my father's 80th birthday in Nova Scotia, the birthplace of his father. In 2010 I attended Boston University's Genealogical Research Certificate Program online. That definitely turned me into a much better researcher. Nowadays I practice the art of genealogical research as often as I can, and sometimes it appears in my blog. I do enjoy the standard research — town records, libraries and archives — but I really get a thrill when I find things that belonged to my relatives, or stories and photographs on the Internet. I am a big fan of researching with Google. 

The journey into the past is never ending for me — there will always be questions and, hopefully, corresponding answers. I really enjoy sharing my searches and my discoveries through my blog. I know that my children will have the family information at their fingertips, and will hopefully continue the tradition. 

As an extra bonus, I have met new relatives through my blog that I probably would never have known. That is a thrill — to have contact with a relative who read my blog and wanted to share what they knew, too.

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