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Searching for deeds in Maine while visiting NEHGS.

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question: I will be visiting with my spouse NEHGS in the coming weeks.  Can you tell me what you have for deeds for Oxford and Penobscot counties?


Answer: In the NEHGS Microtext Department we have microfilm for Oxford County deeds we have a general index and deed volumes # 1-124 (1806-1862).  For Penobscot County we have an index 1814-1859 and deed volumes # 1-300 (1814-1860).  Oxford County was formed from Cumberland and York Counties in 1805, and Penobscot County was formed from Hancock County in 1816.  We have deeds for York, but not for Hanock and Cumberland Counties.  Feel free to contact myself or the Microtext Reference Desk if you have any further questions on our Maine holdings for deeds.

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