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  • Answers - Nexus Vol. VI No. 6


    Published Date : December 1989

    (A-141) HARRINGTON/WATKINS - For the Watkins line of Relief (WATKINS) HARRINGTON see Jayne S. Bickford, Watkins, A Beginning Genealogy (1982) pp. 178-80, etc. Her par. were Edward4 (Nathan3, William2, Edward1) WATKINS & Keturah DENNISON, but this par. is based solely on a DA.R application. Relief was b. 22 Aug. 1802; Edward 11 June 1764 in Ashford, Conn.
    Nany L. Dodge, Box 301, Colebrook, NH 03576

    (A 189) WAKEFIELD - Six generations of the Wakefield fam. in line of William5, Samuel4, John3-2-1 .plus maternal anc., were treated by M. L. Holman in Ancestry of Col. John Harrington Stevens and his wife Frances Helen Miller (1948), pp. 201-10. William5 (ca. 1731-post 1812). sometime of Ashford and Woodstoek, and Thomas5 (ca. 1733-1761) of Ashford, were bros., not father and son. Thomas m. Kezia ___; and apparently d.s.p.
    Mrs. E. J. Davis, 309 Yoakum Pktsy. #1415, Alexandria, VA 22304

    (A-239) FORBES/FORBUSH/HOLLOAY - For proof that Hannah HOLLOWAY was dau. of Adam HOLLOWAY see his will at Worcester Co. Probate Registry. Worcester, MA. dated 27 March 1733 which mentions his dau. Hannah FORROWBUSH (sic). Another docket paper lists Hannah FUROWBUSH (sic), w. of Jonathan FUROWBUSH. These HOLLOWAYS became HALLOWELLS soon after 1700. Most early HALLOWELLS of N.E. were spelled HOLLOWAY by early town clerks.
    Henry Hallowell,421 King St. - 2A, Littleton, MA 01460

    (A-242) FULWOOD/BRINTON/HUNTER/LIGON - Your Robert FULLWOOD is also on my anc. His only w. was Jane Ware HUNTER, mother of your Wilhemina FULLWOOD, who m. Robert LIGON 1 Oct. 1822. The m. of Robert FULLWOOD to Jane Ware HUNTER is a bit murky. It appears that they entered unto a common-law union about four or five years before their m. A public notice (Columbia Museum and Savannah Advertiser, Savannah, Ga 16 May 1797. p. 2, col. 2) referred to both Robert and Jane W. FULLWOOD as admin. of William BRINTON. deceased, of Washington Co. But a major 1803 Clarke Co. lawsuit i.e ownership of slaves states that they m. 25 Aug. 1801. It appears to me that they became common-law husband and w. by 1797, but did not m. until 1801. Carolina Matilda BRINTON was a dau. of Jane Ware HUNTER by her first m., prob. ca. 1789-90, to William (poss. Henry) BRINTON (see J.W. Schoonover, The Brinton Genealogy [1924], p. 692). Carolina Matilda, b. 7 Nov 1790 d. 9 Jan, 1838, m. Athens, Ga. 12 Dec. 1807 Edward Courtney PAINE, son of William and Elizabeth (DRURY) PAINE of Watkinsville, Ga, Carolina Matilda HUNTER a sister of Jane Ware WINTER, was believed by C.M.C. Hardie (a prodigious early genealogist who d. ca. 1940, descended from a bro, of Jane Ware HUNTER) to have m. a James FULLWOOD as second husband; but this James is surely not Robert’s bro., as Hardie believed, since that James was survived by his first w. The name “Carolina Matilda’ was used several times (as was “Wilhelmina”) in earlier HUNTER generations. I have much on the FULLWOOD fam., including earlier generations of HUNTER and other allied kin. Jane Ware H1UNTER was dau. of Edward and [prob.] Jane (WARE) HUNTER; the Ware anc. is less clear.\
    Michael D. Fullwood, 161 W. 15th St., Suite 4C, New York, NY 10011

    (A-243) GAMMONS/ELLIS - Lemuel & Ruth (ELLIS) GAMMONS are my anc. Par. of Lemuel GAMMONS are John & Hannah (COLE) GAMMONS, m. in Plymouth, Mass., 3 Sept. 1765; grandpar. William & Hannah (HUBBARD) GAMMONS m. Middleborough 1736. Matthias ELLIS is poss. father of Ruth ELLIS. Refs,: IGI, Middleborough, Mass., VRs, Vol. I; Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Mass., vol. I(l9l2),p. 391; fam. records.
    Susan Fray, Box 758, Autec, FPO Miami, FL 34058-0008

    (A-255) HOAR - The articles by Lyon J. Hoard in the Register 141 (1987):22-3 and 142(1988):17-24, will answer your questions to the best of current knowledge and treat four generations of English HORES as well.
    Volney A. Plumb, 2451 Olivera Rd., #C-10, Concord, CA 94520

    (A-266) JOY/HART/ASHLEY - Amey/Annie HART who m. Samuel JOY is poss. sis, of the William HART I am seeking. The following ref. do not altogether answer your query but may help: James M. Hart, Genealogy of Samuel Hartt (1903), 190-191, #988: will of William Hart, probated 2 Oct. 1810, Taunton, Mass., Vol. 46 p 7; IGI for Mass. & RI. (Samuel JOY); and the 1790 Census (Mass.).
    Shirley Hart Helfenbein, 5090 Lippincott Rd., Lapeer, MI 48446

    (A-280) McNERNEY/HALLOWELL - Elizabeth HALLOWELL’s anc. is given in Pendleton, Old Colony Holloways (1950), pp. 188-89, etc. These particular HALLOWELLs were not true HALLOWELLs but HOLLOWAYs who altered their name after moving from Me. to Mass. On the McNERNEYs Pendleton agrees with you that William Francis McNERNEY of Maine was b. in RI. as “Jr.”
    Henry C. Hallowell, 421 King St. - 2A, Littleton, MA 01460

    (A-306) SEVEY/SEAVEY/SCOTT - The 7 line of Joseph7 SEVEY, b. Rye, N.H. ca. 1717, is: Joseph6, Henry5, Thomas4 SEAVEY, Thomas3, Henry2, Thomas1 ZEVIE. "Rye Familes-Seaveys,” a mss, by Louise Tallman in the Rye, N.H., Lib., covers fams. of Joseph6, Henry5, and Thomas4 SEAVEY, For Joseph6 SEAVEY’s will see A.C. Halls Seavey mss. at NEHGS; for ZEVIES of England. etc. see T.M. Seavey, Anc. of Elisha Porter Seavey (1958). See also Geneal. Dic. of Me. & N.H., pp. 618-19, and C.A. Harrison, Thomas Seavy and Robert Irwin (1988).
    John E. Seavy, 204 South Lakeside Dr. E., Medford, NJ 08055

    (A-307) MATSON/MATHER/MOSHIER/CHAMPION - Joanna MATSON who m. 7 Dec. 1756 Capt. Joseph5 MATHER was dau. of Nathaniel3 & his second w. Joanna3 (ELY) MATSON. and was b. ca. 1727-28; d. Lyme. Conn., 29 May 1804, aged 76 years (Lyme VRs 1:109). Lt. Nathaniel MATSON was b. Boston, Mass., 14 Sept. 1682; d. Lyme 3 Feb. 1776, in 92nd year (gs., Duck River Cem., Old Lyme); m. ca. mid-1717 Joanna3 ELY. dau. of William2 & Elizabeth (SMITH) ELY, b. ca. 1700; d. Lyme 30 Jan. 1776 in 76th year (g.s., Duck River Cern.) Ref.: MATSON mss. genealogy at Conn. State Lib. I have nothing further on the MATSON line. For further ELY info see Rev. W. Ely and G. B. Vandempool, Ely Ancestry (1902). Phebe MOSHIER m. Stephen5 CHAMPION 13 Feb. 1777; see Register 128(1974): 19, “Marriages by John Hempsted.” She was dau. of Noah MOSHIER, of whom I have nothing further.
    Robert L. Ward, 12236 Shadetree Lane, Laurel, MD 20708

    (A-332) WINSLOW/GAY/JONES/PETTEE - Records of GAY/JONES fam, of Stoughton, Mass., vary some from yours: Sally GAY d. 30 Sept. 1851; Otis GAY d. 29 June 1811. There are 20 b. m. d. in GAY Bible. M. rec. of Otis & Sally give her name as Sally D. WINSLOW. See GAY Bible records, Register 114(1960) :149. This Bible came to me from Letitia BIRD of N. Easton only surviving ch. of Luther Owen & Elizabeth (JONES) BIRD of Easton. A coffin was made by James CAPEN of Stonghton for heirs of Timothy GAY, 30 Oct. 1822; see Register 124(1970)226. Many rec. of GAY, JONES etc are in “Stoughton, Mass., Church Records,” Register 128 (l974):272-287.
    Ralph H. Mann, Jr.. P.O. Box 7728, St. Petersburg, FL 33734

    Mr. Capen replies: I also have a GAY Bible. It belonged to my grandmother Laura Augusta (JONES) CAPEN, younger sis. of Elizabeth (JONES) BIRD. Acc. my Bible, Sally B. Winslow d. 30 Sept. 1857. October 1 is the date on her d. cert, Otis GAY’s d. date is clearly written as July. I always heard my gr.-gr.-grantdmother referred to as Sally Bradford (WlNSLOW) GAY. The b. section of my Bible includes one Otis B. W. GAY Sept. 11, 1808; in d. section he is Otis GAY Mar. 8, 1822.
    Richard W. Capen, P.O. Box 2226, Avila Beach, CA 93424

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